How Slim24Pro works?

Slim24Pro is a meal-replacement formula. Unlike usual supplements available in market, meal-replacement formula replaces one meal of the day and cuts heavily on excess harmful fat intake, which is responsible for weight gain. While doing this, it increases immunity (with all minerals and vitamins), shape muscles (with pure Whey protein), and takes care of your digestive track (with digestive fibers).

What are the Dosage of Slim24Pro?

One need to take 2 scoops of Slim24Pro (30 mg x 2) mixing in a glass of water or juice or fat-less milk. This thick shake should ideally replace the night meal or dinner.

Who can take Slim24Pro?

Anyone above 15 years of age can use it.

What are the ingredients of Slim24Pro?

The major constituent of Slim24Pro is Whey Protein (which is a safe, proven and effective source of protein world around). Other than whey protein, it has all the vital elements needed for organic life including vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. For more Details Click on Ingreadients

Is it safe for pregnant or lactating mothers to consume Slim24Pro?

Pregnant or lactating mothers can consume Slim24Pro without skipping any meal. This will help them achieve even better nutritional status to support other life dependent on them. It is never advisable though to try and lose weight during pregnancy or while nursing.

What food one should otherwise eat while losing weight with the help of Slim24Pro?

Lots of green salad and other low-fat and low-sugar food is advisable during Slim24Pro course. This shall rejuvenate your whole body and put your energy levels to much higher levels. Eat lots of pulses, green vegetables, and fresh citrus fruits while cutting down on higher sugar and fat intake.

How can one order Slim24Pro?

Slim24Pro is available both via COD as well as online payment mode. All you need to do is to call, mail or fill COD order form on our website if you are opting for COD mode of payment. If you are looking for online payment, on which there is a discount of 10% available, our site is equipped with safe and secure payment gateways of repute for it. You can use net banking, credit or debit cards for your payment. International buyers can pay using PayPal (for International buyers COD mode is not available). For Buy Slim24Pro click on Buy Now.

What is the price of Original Slim24Pro?

Original Slim24Pro is available at 4500/- Indian rupees inclusive of all charges for COD mode of payment. On online payments, there is a discount available and the product is available at 2500/- inclusive of all charges. For International buyers it is available for USD 120 inclusive of all charges.

Is it available outside India?

Yes it is, you can pay via PayPal on our website to get it delivered at your doorsteps in almost all countries.For Buy Slim24Pro click on Buy Now.

How much weight loss is possible with a course of Slim24Pro?

Any person with excess weight can lose 7-9 Kgs or more depending on current weight and adherence to instructions for use. Once the weight is reduced, proper healthy diet helps in maintaining the reduced weight status. People with obese condition can use multiple courses of Slim24Pro.

Disclaimer :

Result may vary person to person.